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With Smiddy-Brown Legal, your case is our priority.

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Lawyers Specialising in Fraud & Money Laundering

All offences associated with fraud and financial crime are very serious criminal matters. Each  offence varies considerably in circumstances and might typically include the theft and use of another person’s credit card, the falsification of documents, assuming another person’s identity, forgery, or defrauding  the State or Commonwealth.

Matters that the court looks at to determine the seriousness of the matter might include:


  • The amount or value of the property involved;
  • The personal circumstances of the victim;
  • The level of premeditation and planning involved and;
  • Whether the offending involved a breach of trust. 

If charged with a financial offence there is a likelihood that you could also face a civil action by the person or business you have allegedly committed the offence against.  This is why Smiddy-Brown Legal is the best solution for you as we are experienced in both defending the criminal charges and defending any civil claim brought against you.

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