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With Smiddy-Brown Legal, your case is our priority.

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Disputes & Litigation

 Dispute resolution is a way to reach an amicable agreement between two parties by resolving the disagreements without having to go to court. Where possible, it is always a good first step to attempt to settle disputes with proper negotiations to avoid any legal proceedings.

At Smiddy-Brown Legal we have a wealth of experience in resolving commercial disputes, making sure that proper discussion and strategies are created by working closely with our clients to prevent disputes. We do realise that going through legal challenges can often be very emotional and financially draining so it is important to ensure that our clients are provided smart legal advice and solutions when going through this experience.

If the parties involved are unable to decide on an agreement or a settlement, Smiddy-Brown Legal dispute resolution lawyers are experienced to defend and represent our clients in Court. No matter what stage you are in your dispute resolution process, we are here to help.

If a dispute escalates to involve formal proceedings our experience in the Courts, District, Supreme  and Tribunals, will enable you to achieve the best possible result.

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