Children’s Court

If you are a parent or legal guardian of a child who is under-age who has been charged with an offence and needs to attend the Children’s Court, we can help your child get a second chance in the youth justice system.

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With Smiddy-Brown Legal, your case is our priority.

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The Children’s Court of Western Australia deals with offences alleged to have been committed by young people aged 10 to 17 years.  The jurisdiction is unique it has the primary focus on assisting children to learn from their mistakes, rather than punishing them.

The procedures and sentencing options available to young people is very unique and it is advisable to have a lawyer who is familiar and experienced with the jurisdiction.  At Smiddy-Brown Legal with have extensive experience and knowledge of this jurisdiction and working with young people to achieve a favourable outcome

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At Smiddy-Brown Legal our lawyers have many years of extensive experience in Children’s Court and youth justice matters and we have assisted many young people who have been charged with criminal offences.

 Our advice is practical and delivered in plain English so that children, young people, parents and guardians can all understand what is required and likely to happen at Court.

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